EINSTEIN and general relativity, a singular story exposition

The Einstein and General Relativity, a Singular Story exhibition is a multidisciplinary exhibition built around the common theme of the « singularity » to offer a visit at the crossroads of science, history and art. From the very beginning, hidden in the equations, the issue of the singularity has been at the heart of the theory. It was again brought to the fore with the discovery of black holes, those cosmic singularities predicted by general relativity.

Supervised by Guillaume Faye (IAP/CNRS), the scientific part aims to explain the underlying principles of the theory and to present a few of its singular objects (black holes and pulsars) as well as some of the most recent experiments in fundamental research. The historical part will recount the milestones of the theory’s eventful history: initially not understood, it only found its audience many decades later.
Finally, the exhibition will also comprise an artistic part, presenting the works of great modern painters who were inspired by the theory of general relativity, foremost among these the surrealists. General relativity is truly a theory that influenced scientists and artists alike.