Henri POINCARÉ : from mathematician to philosopher

A hundred years ago, on the 17th of July 1912, Henri Poincaré died. As a commemoration, the Henri Poincaré Institute, the Henri Poincaré Archives and their partners have decided to set up an itinerant exhibition dedicated to the personal, institutional and scientific life of Poincaré.

What can we show as part of an exhibition that would refuse anecdotes, celebration without criticism or artificial cutting up between personal life and scientific work? We have chosen, without overlooking what historians or current scientists deem of a higher interest within the scientific or philosophical works of Poincaré, to entangle the lighting, to highlight the importance of networks (family and academic), and to replace the very existence of the scholar from Nancy in a historical context on which, among other things, the French and German rivalry left its mark.

This exhibition, which is copiously illustrated thanks to rare documents (letters, official documents, photos…), offers a glimpse of an aspect of Poincaré that was little known and that highly differs from the official portrait of a great scholar.

This exhibition can be set in mirror with the exhibition “Alan Turing: from the formal language to the living forms”. In such a case, a mobile board explains the links that unite those two great scientific pioneers.


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Commissioner of the exhibition: Gerhard Heinzmann

Guidance committee : under the direction of Cédric Villani and Jean Pierre Bourguignon
Scientific committee, under the direction of Etienne Ghys
Communication and coordination: Delphine Demols, Chloé Lepart, Clémentine Le Monnier, Pierre-Edouard Bour
Page setting and script : Julien Fournigault
Illustration : Claude Gondard, Paul Filippi, Mathias Mercier

Organisation and support :

This exhibition is set up by the Henri Poincaré Institute and Henri Poincaré Archives with the support of the Institute of Advanced Scientific Studies (IASS), the Polytechnic School, the Labex Carmin, the Mines Paris Tech, Animath.