The house of mathematics

Les mathématiciens sont de plus en plus nombreux, et ils ont de plus en plus d'importance dans notre monde... Mais qui sont-ils, comment travaillent-ils et quel est leur quotidien ?

The mathematicians

Vessels of an age-old discipline, their numbers are growing along with their importance in our world... But who are they, how do they work and what are their days like?

Come and meet them at home: in the House of Mathematics, the Henri Poincaré Institute, a historical meeting place and haven of scientific interaction, founded after the cataclysm of World War I in order to revive French mathematics. Since its renovation in 1994, the Institute has been welcoming thousands of researchers every year in the heart of Paris: mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists from all over the world.

The snapshots of this place full of emotions outline the original picture of a community that thrives on intellectual rigour, shared inspirations, aesthetic questioning and the pleasure of challenging the mysteries of the unknown.

The diversity of the researchers’ sensitivities, the attitudes reflecting their efforts, the summoning of a know-how derived from years of practice, the subtle alchemy underpinning their creativity... all this and much more can be gathered from the moments captured by photographer Vincent Moncorgé.

Get a feel of this research process as you visit the exhibition The House of Mathematics.

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Exhibition curators : Cédric Villani et Jean-Philippe Uzan
Photo : Vincent Moncorgé
Communication and Coordination: Marie Chauvier
Graphics : Julien Fournigault