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2025-T1 Representation Theory and Noncommutative Geometry

Analysis on homogeneous spaces and operator algebras

Institut Henri Poincaré
Amphithéâtre Hermite
11 rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris

Representation Theory and Noncommutative Geometry

Workshop: Analysis on homogeneous spaces and operator algebras

March 24 to 28, 2025 - IHP, Paris


Harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces is a fundamental area of research that simultaneously generalizes classical harmonic analysis on groups and on Riemannian symmetric spaces. It naturally relates to many areas of mathematics, playing a central role in representation theory and the theory of automorphic forms. 

This workshop will be an occasion to introduce recent developments in some of these areas.  It will also aim to explore new connections between them and extend the fruitful interactions between C*-algebras, harmonic analysis and representation theory beyond the classical setting of groups  to the general setting of homogeneous spaces.

Topics will include: 

  • $C^*$-algebraic approaches to the tempered dual of non-riemannian symmetric spaces;
  • Harmonic analysis and Plancherel theory for spherical spaces
  • Connections with the Langlands program and periods of automorphic forms
  • Recent approaches to the theta correspondence via $C^*$-algebras



Preliminary list of speakers:

  • Alexandre Afgoustidis
  • David Ben-Zvi
  • Wee Teck Gan
  • Nigel Higson
  • Bernhard Krötz
  • Omar Mohsen
  • Shintaro Nishikawa
  • Yiannis Sakellaridis
  • Henrik Schlichtkrull
  • Polyxeni Spilioti
  • (This list will be completed)

Organising Committee:

  • Anne-Marie Aubert
  • Haluk Sengün  


Scientific Committee:

  • Raphaël Beuzart-Plessis
  • Nadya Gurevich
  • Nigel Higson
  • Gestur Olafsson


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