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Workshop AI : #FocusAI / IAplusK

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Workshop AI

November 16th to 17th, 2021 at Institut Henri Poincaré :

With the support of our public and private partners, Aquila data, Criteo, the Fondation L'Oréal , le Fonds de datation de l'IHP, RTE, the Société de mathématiques appliquées et industrielles (SMAI) and the Centre dédié à l'intelligence artificielle de Sorbonne Université (SCAI), the Institut Henri Poincaré is organizing two days of exchanges and scientific conversations dedicated to artificial intelligence on November 16 and 17, 2021.

Four thematic half-days to plunge into the heart of this fascinating subject, with a thousand facets, although more and more overused these days.

Two conference times for different audiences.

    #FocusAI : 3 half-days to

  • introduce the fundamental concepts and present the current state of the field
  • highlight the diversity and richness of AI application sectors
  • evoke certain ecological, ethical, and even philosophical questions raised by the intrusion of AI in society

Audience: scientists working in the fields of AI and its frontiers


    #IAplusK : 1 half-day dedicated to students

  • to show the diversity of training, career paths, jobs and expertise that we can find in AI research in the academic sector or in companies. The presentations will focus on doctoral students to discover the state of research on current topics.

Audience: students, high school students


According to the current legislation, wearing a mask will be mandatory. To access the event, you will be asked for a valid sanitary pass. The Institut Henri Poincaré thanks you in advance for taking the necessary precautions.

This workshop will also be available online.


Organizers :

Romain De Angeli (IHP), Sylvie Lhermitte (IHP), Marion Liewig (IHP), Julien Mairal (Inria, Grenoble), Dominique Mouhanna (Sorbonne Université, IHP), Liva Ralaivola (Critéo)


Scientific committee :

Florence d'Alché (Télécom Paris), Antonin Braun (Aquila Data), Claire Deloche-Bensmaine (L'Oréal), Julie Delon (CNRS), Xavier Fresquet (Sorbonne Université), Stéphane George (Aquila Data), Olivier Goubet (Université de Lille), Julien Mairal (Inria, Grenoble), Dominique Mouhanna (Sorbonne Université), Vianney Perchet (Critéo), Liva Ralaivola (Critéo), Brigitte Zana (Fonds de dotation de l'IHP)

Registrations and program :