History of mathematics seminar of IHP

Founded in 1948, the History of Mathematics Seminar of the IHP is a place of exchange between historians of mathematics and also participates in maintaining and developing the links between mathematicians and historians.

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The seminar sessions aim to take stock of current research on a theme that may be the presentation of the work of a research group or be specially constructed for the seminar. They consist not only of lectures but also of round tables and discussions addressing methodological and historiographical issues.

Audiovisual recordings of some sessions of the History of Mathematics Seminar can be consulted from the collections of the Institut Henri Poincaré.

The seminar is supported by the GDR n° 3398 "Histoire des mathématiques" of the CNRS.

Coordination of the seminar: Maarten Bullynck, Hélène Gispert, Guillaume Jouve, François Lê, Vincenzo de Rizi and Martina Schiavon.

For more informations contact :  Maarten Bullynck