Here you will find information regarding the governance of IHP and its organization together with a contact list.


The Institut Henri Poincaré has two sorts of legal status and two supervisory institutions, namely the CNRS and Sorbonne Université. Its director, a mathematician, was appointed by the Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and by the CEO of the CNRS on the recommendation of the Board of directors. Its deputy director, a physicist, was appointed by the director after advice from the Board.

The management team is composed of a director, a deputy director and a secretary general, assisted by an executive assistant.

Prof.  Sylvie Benzoni, director of the Institut Henri Poincaré

Sylvie Benzoni is a former student of the École normale supérieure of Saint-Cloud who earned a phD in mathematics in 1991. She then became a CNRS full-time researcher in 1992. She has held a professor position at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 since 2003. She was director of Institut Camille Jordan for two years in 2016 and 2017, after having served as deputy director for five years. She has been director of the Institut Henri Poincaré since January 1st, 2018.
Sylvie Benzoni's research themes concern systems of partial differential equations for wave propagation and the modelling of complex fluids, such as those involving phase transitions. Her work focuses in particular on the stability of certain nonlinear waves.
She is committed to the transmission of mathematics through teaching and outreach.
Finally, she is engaged in "(truly) open access" scientific publishing.

Prof. Dominique Mouhanna, deputy director of the Institut Henri Poincaré.

Dominique Mouhanna was appointed deputy director of the Institut Henri Poincaré as of May 1, 2021 until the end of Sylvie Benzoni's term. He took over from Rémi Monasson who was deputy director for three years.
Dominique Mouhanna holds a professor position at Sorbonne Université where he works in the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Condensed Matter. He is the head for Sorbonne Université of the international master  “Physics of Complex Systems”. His research activity and his teaching mainly relate to Theoretical Physics and Mathematics. More specifically, Dominique Mouhanna works on frustrated magnetic systems, disordered magnetic systems as well as on fluid and polymerized membranes, using perturbative and non-perturbative renormalization techniques.


The IHP Board of Directors has 15 elected members (renewed in 2019) and around twenty appointed or permanent guest members representing the supervisory authorities, the ministry of higher education, research and innovation, local authorities and the scientific community. Its role is to ensure that the specific vocation of IHP is respected and to establish the operating and development policy of IHP.

List currently being updated.

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB, or CPS in French) is made up of sixteen members, according to the following indicative distribution: eight mathematicians, six physicists and two computer scientists, chosen for their scientific expertise. The SAB advises IHP on the scientific orientations of the institute, including its library, and the selection of applications for the various programmes coordinated by the Centre Émile Borel.

Bertin, Éric Université Grenoble Alpes
Biermann, Silke École Polytechnique
Bringmann, Kathrin Université de Cologne
Calaque, Damien Université Montpellier
Chainais, Claire Université Lille
Delon, Julie Université Paris Cité
Di Nezza, Eleonora Sorbonne Université
Douçot, Benoît CNRS (LPTHE Paris)
Gallagher, Isabelle ENS Paris & Université Paris Cité
Hasting, Matthew Microsoft
Langlois, David Université Paris Cité
Leclercq Samson, Adeline Université Grenoble Alpes
Maïda, Mylène Université Lille
Păun, Mihai Université de Bayreuth
Petrini, Michela Sorbonne Université
Ragoucy, Éric CNRS (LAPTh Annecy)
Benzoni, Sylvie IHP - Director
Mouhanna, Dominique IHP - Deputy director
... IHP - Secretary general
Lhermitte, Sylvie IHP - Head of Centre Émile Borel
de Tilière, Béatrice FSMP - Director

The Outreach Advisory Board (CCM in French) brings together 20 members involved in the dissemination of mathematics and their interactions with other disciplines, in order to advise IHP on its activities towards students, their teachers, the general public and actors of the socio-economic world.

Ayi, Nathalie Sorbonne Université
Benzoni, Sylvie IHP - director
Christophe, Élodie IHP - head of Maison Poincaré
Coulon, Rémi CNRS
El Halougi, Lydie Enseignante Roissy en Brie
Fermanian, Clotilde Université Paris-Est Créteil
Gil Condé, Nayara IHP - head of library
Herblot, Mathilde Université Paris Cité
Herminier, Nathalie Enseignante Bourges
Lasserre, Anne MATh.en.JEANS
Loc, Isabelle BNP Paribas
Raphaël, Élise Université de Genève
Richard, Thomas Université Paris-Est Créteil & SMF
Rouillier, Fabrice Inria & Animath
Worms, Rym Université Paris-Est Créteil & INSPÉ
Duvillard, Henri IHP - library
Faure Émilie IHP - executive assistant
Mouhanna, Dominique IHP - Deputy director
Rossille, Adrien IHP - Maison Poincaré
Zana, Brigitte IHP Endowment Fund

Organization and contact list