IHP statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

The IHP supervisory institutions both have made statements about the war in Ukraine -CNRSSorbonne Université.

Dedicated to international exchange, the Institut Henri Poincaré expresses its deep concerns about the consequences of war and of restrictions of freedom in several countries.

These affect in particular established mathematicians but also the next generation, with promising mathematicians being killed, as was recently the Ukrainian Yulia Zdanowska in Kharkiv, or denied human rights, as is the Russian Azat Miftakhov.

The project МАТЕМАТИКА by Olga Paris-Romaskevich was initiated during more peaceful times on the Eurasian continent. Awaiting the exhibition that should have taken place during the International Congress of Mathematicians, IHP encourages mathematicians from all over the world to visit the project webpage, and in particular to read this statement.

Furthermore, we also draw the attention of the mathematics community to the webpage set up by the ERCOM committee of the European Mathematical Society, gathering offers of assistance to mathematicians who are refugees of the recent war in Ukraine.